People forget just how controversial Wind Waker was when it was first unveiled. I mean, people were pissed. They wanted Zelda to be dark and serious. I never understood why. I always imagined the series as sort of fun and carefree. It’s not Game of Thrones. I thought that the cel-shaded look was awesome from the beginning. Now a lot of people call Wind Waker one of the best games ever. Vindication.

Ironically, the next Zelda game, Twilight Princess, was dark, more realistic, and basically just bigger version of Ocarina of Time. It was basically everything fans originally wanted. Ironically, it’s not remembered nearly as fondly as the “kiddy” one.

A friend recently told me that the guys who made DmC should have had a more open dialogue with fans during development to avoid the backlash that game is currently receiving. This is why I disagree. Sometimes fans don’t know what they really want.