It’s been awhile since I just let some characters interact with each other without making a joke about some recent occurrence in the gaming world, so here you go.

I wanted to do a comic on The Elder Scrolls Online, but the whole thing has already become a joke. When it was first announced, I expressed my skepticism to my brother. He told me he was excited as long as it was still in first-person and didn’t play like World of Warcraft. The next day, we find out it will play exactly like World of Warcarft.

Seriously, there should be a rule that no one is allowed to make another MMORPG with a hotbar. We have enough of those. If I’m going to play that game, I’m just going to play WoW, and I don’t know how much I even want to play WoW anymore, let alone bad imitations of it.

I heard they started making TES: Online in 2007 (the height of WoW’s popularity). It sure looks likes a game from 2007.